Current Press Releases

Homicide Arrest Update 11-19-18 (PDF)

Homicide 11-17-18 (PDF)

Delayed Traffic Fatality 11-16-18 (PDF)

Traffic Fatality Victim / Missing Person Identified After 29 Years 10-22-18 (PDF)

Fatality Crash (Vehicle vs. Pedestrian)  10-15-18 (PDF)

Fatality Crash (Vehicle vs. Bicyclist) 9-3-18 (PDF)

Child Pornography Investigation Arrest 8-17-18 (PDF)

Pinellas Park Police Department School Resource Officers selected and in place 8-6-18 (PDF)

Shooting - Self-Inflicted (accidental) 8-6-18 (PDF)

Traffic Crash with serious bodily injury 7-13-18 (PDF)

Armed Robbery Suspects and Victim Arrested 7-11-18 (PDF)

Hit and Run Crash Investigation Update 7-9-18 (PDF)

Hit and Run Crash Investigation 6-30-2018 (PDF)

Career Criminal Arrested 6-18-2018 (PDF)

Vehicle into Building 5-25-2018 (PDF)

SILVER ALERT ISSUED for Missing Endangered Adult 5-23-2018 (PDF)

Traffic Advisory 5-20-2018 (PDF)

Serious Injury Crash (Vehicle vs. Motorcycle) UPDATE 4-28-2018 (PDF)

Serious Injury Crash (Vehicle vs. Motorcycle) 4-28-2018 (PDF)

Serious Injury Crash 4-26-2018 (PDF)

Manhunt for Homicide Suspect Update 4-13-2018 (PDF)

Homicide Manhunt Underway 4-13-2018 (PDF)

Injury Crash 4-5-2018 (PDF)

Video Voyeurism Arrest 3-22-2018 (PDF)

Fire Fatality 3-16-2018 (PDF)

Hit and Run Fatality Crash 3-13-2018 (PDF)

Death Investigation 2-27-2018 (PDF)

Shooting/Burglary Arrest 2-20-2018 (PDF)

School Shooting Threat 2-17-2018 (PDF)

Homicide Investigation 2-13-2018 Update 3 (PDF)

Homicide Investigation 2-13-2018 Update 2 (PDF)

Homicide Investigation 2-13-2018 Update (PDF)

Homicide Investigation 2-12-2018 (PDF)

Traffic Fatality Crash 1-22-2018 Update (PDF)

Traffic Fatality Crash 1-22-2018 (PDF)

Traffic Fatality Crash 1-20-2018 (PDF)

Standoff with Police 1-15-2018 (PDF)

Traffic Fatality Crash 1-08-2018 (PDF)

Arson Arrest 1-06-2018 (PDF)