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Ord. 216-09.26.63; Ord. 419-09.25.69; Ord. 673-06.13.74; Ord. 2317-04.13.95; Ord. 2390-07.25.96)

Meetings are held by this Board at City Hall on the FOURTH Tuesday of every month at 7:00 p.m.

The Board consists of SEVEN (7) regular members who serve for a THREE (3) year term. All members MUST BE RESIDENTS OF THE CITY and are appointed by City Council.

The Board decides upon variance requests to the Zoning Code and Flood Damage Control Code and serves as an appeals board for interpretations and determinations made by the Zoning Director. The Board also serves as an appeals board for the Concurrency Management Code and Environmental Habitat Preservation and Enhancement Code.

Appeals are made through the courts with no time limit specified.