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Communities face challenges daily.  By identifying and anticipating those challenges, communites are able to emhance the quality of life, promote economic activity and preserve the environment.  Through the planning process, City staff is able to engage with the public to identfy and analyze existing conditions and anticipated challenges and develop strategies to enhance or improve them.  In addition, the Community Planning Division conducts research in order to provide good information with which the City Council and Administration may make well-informed decisions.

The Community Planning Division monitors the State’s growth statutes to ensure that the City's adopted Comprehensive Plan and ordinances are consistent with them.  The Community Planning Division not only investigates and implements best practices in the planning field, but also ensures that various programs are in compliance with state and federal laws.  Grantswriting and administration are another important part of the Community Planning Division. The Community Planning Division is also responsible, in conjunction with the Building Develoment Division, for floodplain management.

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