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Being prepared is not just a motto and Florida natural hazards don't stop with the alligator and hurricane.  While we think of Florida as a sub-tropical climate, many of us take the weather in Florida for granted...except for hurricanes...we forget that extremes can occur.  We become complacent to the extreme heat, thunderstorms, lightning and heavy downpours that occur frequently during the summer.  Temperatures in the 90s coupled with high humidity can make an afternoon feel much hotter.  The importance of staying hydrated cannot be emphasized enough.   Then of course there are those mild winters which--we forget--can get down into the 20s.  Nor should we forget that much of Florida--including Pinellas County--is flat and therefore vulnerable to flooding.

Through knowledge and preparation we can protect ourselves and our property.  The links below will take you to information about what the natural hazards are and how to prepare for them.


Alligators Snakes
Coyotes Spiders
Extreme Heat Extreme Cold
Tegu Lizards  
Pinellas Park Sand Bag Locations      Pinellas Park Solid Waste Pick Up
Duke Energy Power Outage Map      Emergency Phone Numbers and Websites
            Pinellas County E-Alert & Other Ways to Stay Connected 
Your Guide to Flood Information in Pinellas Park  


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