Pinellas Park Fire Station 35

Station 35

11350 43rd Street North
Clearwater, FL 33762
Built: 1994


  • Engine 35
  • Truck 35

Station Personnel:

  • 3 Lieutenants
  • 3  Firefighter/Paramedics
  • 3 Firefighter/Emergency Medical Technicians

Station 35 History

The original quarters for Engine Company #35 was in a rented storefront located at 112th Avenue and 49th Street, when the station was opened as a temporary firehouse in 1975. It was designated as Pinellas Park Fire Station #2. The additional firehouse was necessary after a referendum was passed doubling the area to be covered by Pinellas Park Fire Department. The station was strategically placed between a growing industrial area to the northeast, and several large housing developments to the south. Four firemen responded to alarms on a 1960 Ford 750 GPM pumper.

In 1981, after the construction of a new firehouse across town, temporary Fire Station #2 was almost closed down. Homeowners and business leaders successfully petitioned to keep the firehouse open around the clock. At that time, designation of the temporary station changed to Engine Company #3. Later in 1985, the designation was again changed when it became Engine Company #35 through a county-wide numbering system.  As a result of a referendum to provide paramedic services throughout Pinellas County, a Rescue Company was added in 1980. Rescue Company #35 was discontinued in 1986 when Engine #35 assumed their duties with a paramedic assigned to the unit.

After almost 20 years as a temporary station, Engine Company #35 moved into new quarters at 11350 43rd Street in 1994. The new firehouse was built at a cost of $975,000. It is also the headquarters for Fire Administration.