Public Education

Our mission is to educate the public on the causes of fires and other injuries, offer ways to handle emergencies when they occur, and introduce strategies on how to prevent them in the future.

Our Safety presentations are available  to groups large and small on a variety of fire and life safety topics.

Falls Prevention and Fire Safety for Seniors

Specialized programs designed for our older residents provide awareness and information about fire and injury prevention in and around the home. 

Child Passenger Safety - Car Seat Checks

A Certified Technician with the Fire Department can speak to your group about child passenger safety and offer tips on proper car seat installation.  Car seat checks are held at the fire station and are conducted by appointment only.  Call 541-0712 to make an appointment.

Hurricane & Disaster Preparedness

Our staff can give a presentation to your organization to help you prepare for the threat of a hurricane or other natural disasters.  Resource guides are provided that give guidelines, suggestions and helpful hints on preparing and securing your home, sheltering options and evacuation procedures.

Tele-Medic Program

A program similar to the Vial of Life, the Tele-Medic form holds vital information that can be relayed to paramedics on their way to a medical emergency, allowing them to better treat the patient upon arrival.

Fire Extinguishers

Public Education Specialists will visit your business and train employees on how to successfully use fire extinguishers.  The program consists of an educational video, discussion, and hands-on demo using a fire extinguisher on a live fire. There is a fee for this service.


Classes in cardiopulmonary resuscitation are available to the public and taught by the Pinellas Park Fire Department’s CPR instructors.  Sign up for a class and become CPR certified by calling 541-0712 ext. 3124.

Call 727-541-0712 for information on our safety presentations