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 Accounting Clerk 

 Administrative Assistant, City Manager Office

 Administrative Clerk, Fire Department 

 Administrative Clerk, Neighborhood Services

 Administrative Clerk, Police

 Administrative Clerk, Water Division  

 Assistant Finance Administrator 

 Assistant Library Director 

 Assistant Police Chief

 Associate Planner   

 Automotive Equipment Specialist

 Automotive Mechanic

 Billing and Collections Specialist

 Building Development Director

 Building Development Inspection Supervisor 

 Building Development Inspector 

 Building Development Plans Examiner

Building Development Plans Examiner/Inspector

 Building Development Senior Plans Examiner 

 Building Development Services Supervisor

 Building Development Technician 

 Building Maintenance Specialist

 Building Maintenance Supervisor

 Building Plans Examiner, Inspector  


 CADD Technician

 Cashier, Swimming Pool 

 City Clerk

 City Engineer (Part-Time)

 City Manager

 Communications & Marketing Specialist

 Communications Supervisor

 Community Compliance Specialist  

 Community Compliance Supervisor

 Community Development Administrator

 Community Planning Director

 Construction Services Director

 Community Services Manager

 Community Services Technician

 Crime Data Analyst

 Custodial Worker

 Customer Service Representative 


 Deputy City Clerk

 Deputy Fire Chief, Operations

 District Fire Chief  

 District Chief, Training


Economic Development Coordinator
Economic Development Manager

 Economic Development Technician
 Emergency Management Planner

 Emergency Medical Services Chief, Fire

 Engineering Inspector 


  Finance Administrator

 Fire Administrative Services Director

 Fire Chief

 Fire Inspector, Investigator (Firefighter Certified)

 Fire Lieutenant, EMT or Paramedic

 Fire Lieutenant, Life Safety

 Fire Prevention Specialist

 Fire Services Technician

 Firefighter, EMT or Paramedic

 Fleet and Facilities Director  

 Fleet Manager

 Foreman, Public Works


 GIS Coordinator

 GIS Specialist
Government Relations & Communications Administrator

 Government Relations Specialist

 Graphics/Web Technician


 Head Lifeguard (Seasonal)

 Human Resources Administrator 

 Human Resources Analyst

 Human Resources Assistant

 Human Resources Specialist


 Information Technology Administrator

 Information Technology Operations Director

 Information Technology Security Analyst

 Information Technology Support Specialist

 Inventory Control Clerk


 Lead Automotive Mechanic

 Lead Records Center Technician


 Library Assistant

 Library Clerk

 Library Director

 Library Recreation Services Administrator

 Lifeguard (Seasonal)


 Mail Clerk, Finance

 Management and Budget Administrator

 Management and Budget Analyst
MIS Programming Director

 Multi-Media & Events Manager


 Neighborhood Services Administrator

Neighborhood Services Coordinator

 Neighborhood Services Manager

 Network Systems Analyst


 Office Specialist


 Parks Director

 Parks Maintenance Worker

 Pension & Risk Management Director

 Planning and Zoning Analyst

 Police Captain 

 Police Chief

 Police Lieutenant

 Police Mounted Unit Coordinator

 Police Officer

 Police Sergeant

 Police Services Clerk

 Principal Planner

 Programmer, Analyst

 Project Management Coordinator

 Public Safety Dispatcher

 Public Utilities Supervisor

 Public Works Administrator

 Public Works Clerk

 Purchasing Clerk

 Purchasing Coordinator

 Purchasing Director

 Purchasing Supervisor

 Purchasing Technician


 Real Estate Coordinator

 Records Center Supervisor

 Recreation and Aquatics Supervisor

 Recreation Assistant

 Recreation Assistant (Non-Union)

 Recreation Coordinator

 Recreation Director

 Recreation Program Manager



 School Crossing Guard
 Senior Accountant

 Senior Administrative Clerk, Police Department

 Senior Application Programmer Analyst

 Senior Automotive Mechanic

 Senior Building Development Technician

 Senior Customer Service Representative

 Senior Human Resources Analyst

 Senior Librarian

 Senior Library Assistant, Circulation

 Senior Library Assistant, Collection Management

 Senior Network Systems Analyst

 Senior Office Specialist

 Senior Parks Maintenance Worker

 Senior Public Safety Dispatcher

 Senior Recreation Assistant

 Senior Staff Assistant, Community Development and Public Works

 Senior Staff Assistant, Finance

 Senior Staff Assistant, Fire

 Senior Staff Assistant, Human Resources

 Senior Staff Assistant, Library and Recreation Services

 Senior Staff Assistant, Neighborhood Services

 Senior Staff Assistant, Office of Management & Budget

 Senior Staff Assistant, Police

 Senior Storm Water Maintenance Operator

 Senior Streets Maintenance Operator

 Senior Utilities Technician, Reclaimed Water

 Senior Utilities Technician, Sewer

 Senior Utilities Technician, Water

 Sewer Services Coordinator

 Special Operations Chief, Fire

 Staff Assistant, Building Development

 Staff Assistant, Communications & Marketing

 Staff Assistant, Community Planning

 Staff Assistant, Fire

 Staff Assistant, Public Works

 Staff Assistant, Zoning

 Staffing and Benefits Director

 Stormwater Maintenance Operator

 Stormwater Supervisor

 Streets Maintenance Operator

 Survey Instrument Technician Party Chief

 Switchboard Operator


 Traffic Technician

 Transportation and Stormwater Analyst

 Transportation and Stormwater Director

 Transportation and Stormwater Supervisor


 Utilities Director
 Utilities Technician, Reclaimed Water

 Utilities Technician, Sewer

 Utilities Technician, Water

 Utility Billing Director

 Utility Billing Manager

 Utility Location Technician

 Utility Meter Reader Foreman

 Utility Meter Reader


 Victim Assistance Coordinator


 Water Quality Control Technician

 Water Safety Instructor (Seasonal)


 Zoning Coordinator

 Zoning Director