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Neighborhood Services Administrator

                   Susan Walker

The Neighborhood Services Department (Community Compliance) is located at 7780 60th Street N.  The Department provides community compliance (code enforcement) services by receiving, responding to, and investigating complaints of possible City Ordinance violations.  The Department also manages the Lot Cleaning program, handles various Nuisance Abatement issues, schedules & participates in hearings before the Code Enforcement Board and Special Magistrate, administers the Property Registration (Foreclosures) program, and assesses and collects fines and liens for code infractions.  In addition, the Department serves as Staff Liaison to the Code Enforcement Board and Special Magistrate.   

To report a possible code violation, please email or call the Neighborhood Service Department.
Phone:  (727) 369-5668

For more information about the Neighborhood Services Department, please click and view the information links below and on the left side panel.  Thank you for visiting the Neighborhood Services Department on the web!

Video: Neighborhood Services