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Pinellas Park Police
Robbery – Dunkin Donuts
7315 US19 N
1:45 AM

A lone male subject entered the Dunkin Donuts and demanded money from the store clerk. The robber implied to the clerk he had a weapon. The robber fled with cash in a 1997 Dodge Van. Responding police officers spotted the van in the neighborhood just East of the crime scene. Officers attempted a traffic stop but the driver failed to stop. A short pursuit of the van commenced with officers using tactics including stop sticks to try and stop the van. The suspect attempted to run over one officer who was on foot, striking the officer, but not seriously injuring him. Backup officers responded to this with handgun fire at the suspect. The suspect continued to flee and stopped the van in the driveway of 3450 Applewood Terrace, exited the van and ran into an apartment. Police surrounded the duplex and started evacuating nearby residents. A SWAT team was called to the scene and took positions around the duplex. At approx 4:00 AM an operation commenced where two surveillance cameras that were mounted on the duplex were to be disabled and some window blinds were to be removed. There was a confrontation with the suspect at one of the windows by one of the SWAT members. The SWAT member fired his gun at the suspect striking him. The SWAT team made an immediate entry to the apartment securing two other persons within and removing the wounded suspect. SWAT medics attached to the entry team began immediate care to the wounded suspect. The suspect was transported to Bayfront Hospital. The rest of the apartment was cleared for other possible persons. The entry team found that the suspect had used furniture and kitchen appliances to block the front and rear doors.

The wounded robbery suspect is identified as JAMIE SCOTT MILLER, w/m, 1-5-1973.
He lives at 3450 Applewood Terrace #A. His medical status at this time is not known.

Also arrested was LARRY MICHAEL PAUL, b/m, 5-14-1983. He was arrested for outstanding drug charges. He also lives at this address.

A third person, a juvenile female runaway out of St. Petersburg, was also taken into custody and released to her parents.

Larry Paul and the juvenile are not believed to be involved in the robbery.

All of the Pinellas Park Police officers involved as well as the assisting Pinellas County Sheriffs deputies are unharmed.

The investigation into the robbery as well as the shooting investigation are continuing. The officers involved in the shooting will be placed on administrative leave during the internal investigation, a standard practice anytime an officer is involved in a shooting of another person.

Auth S A Forseth