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Pinellas Park Police Department
Case 2011-6782
Sunday March 20, 2011

Domestic Disturbance / Accidental Death

At 12:19, police responded to 4316 70 Avenue reference a 911 call from a female who said it was a "police emergency" and hung up. An arriving officer, Officer Kendall Mack, observed Dale Lee Mitchell exiting a wooded area a few houses away and approached him. After being questioned briefly the officer determined that Mitchell lived at 4316 70 Avenue and was involved in the call. The officer observed Mitchell discard some narcotics (pills) onto the ground. As officers were identifying the narcotics type, Mitchell fled on foot. He ran briefly through the neighborhood before returning to his back yard at 4316 70 Avenue. An officer pursued him into the backyard and attempted to apprehend him. The officer fired a Taser striking Mitchell and causing him to fall. Mitchell fell onto an inclined embankment and rolled, causing the Taser wires to break. At the bottom of the embankment is a pond. Mitchell crawled into the pond and began moving along the edge into the weeds and overgrowth. Officers yelled at Mitchell to come back and get out of the water, but Mitchell refused and continued to move out further into the water. Officers saw Mitchell disappear under the water several yards off the embankment. Corporal Cassidy Perry went into the pond to try and rescue Mitchell but was unable to locate him under water. A fire department dive team was dispatched to the scene and located Mitchell in the pond at 2:40 AM.

The initial call that officers were responding to appears to have been a domestic disturbance between Dale Mitchell and a girlfriend who also lives at the location. Mitchell told officers that he and his girlfriend had gotten into an argument because they were both drunk.

Mitchell was pronounced dead at the scene by the fire department.

Deceased: Dale Lee Mitchell, dob/02-13-1977, B/M, 4316 70 Ave/N Pinellas Park.

Auth. S. A. Forseth