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Pinellas Park Police Department

Case # 2009-32324

Man Dies After Car Leaves Road and Strikes Trees and Trucks
On Thursday, November 26, 2009, shortly after 1:30 pm, a 74 year old St. Petersburg man died after driving off the road and colliding with multiple items. The driver, Raymond J. Busch, was driving a 2007 Chevrolet Equinox (SUV) south on 49th Street just south of Park Boulevard. Mr. Busch was alone in his car. Witnesses report that his car left the road without any precursory incident in the 7100 block of 49th Street, striking a tree, a parked pickup truck, a second tree, and finally a second parked pickup truck. The area was a parking lot in front of a strip of businesses. One of the trucks had minor damage, the other moderate to heavy.

Emergency medical services responded and transported Mr. Busch to Northside Hospital, however he did not survive. Preliminary indications are that he may have suffered a medical issue prior to the crash. Traffic homicide investigators will wait for the autopsy results, and conduct their background investigations, before making any such determinations as to whether Mr. Busch died as a result of the crash or suffered a mecidal condition that led to the crash.

Portions of southbound 49th Street were blocked for a short time while the investigation took place. None of the other vehicles were occupied and no other persons were injured.

Released by: Lieutenant Paul J. Andrews, PIO, 727-214-7789