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The Pinellas Park Police Vice and Narcotic Section is tasked with initiating and conducting covert investigations of crimes related to drugs, racketeering, prostitution, gambling, and alcohol. The Vice & Narcotics Unit investigates a broad spectrum of crimes, to include major drug trafficking and mid-level distribution, while its primary focus is on the street-level drug trade. The Narcotics Section also assists patrol officers in addressing specific drug problems in their respective areas.

There is a tip-line that citizens are urged to call (anonymously if they wish) to report illegal narcotic activity. That number is 727-548-8477 / 727 (548-Tips).


How Can I Help Combat Illegal Drugs?

  • Pay attention to what is occurring in and around your neighborhood.MaijuanaBricks
  • Is there any unusually heavy foot traffic in and out of a house, apartment or parking lot?
  • Drug traffic usually involves stays of short duration, typically a drug deal is conducted in a matter of seconds.
  • Do you notice unusual exchanges between people? Nervous exchanges of small items or money may be indicative of a drug transaction.
  • Are there numerous exchanges taking place through a car window or residence window? Have you noticed regular, quick meetings taking place between the same people at the same location?

What Do I Do If I Notice Suspicious Narcotics Related Activity?

If you observe suspicious activity in your neighborhood, call the Vice and Narcotics Office at 727-548-8477 and ask to speak with a supervisor. Be prepared to supply the following information regarding the activity: Under no circumstances should you place yourself in danger to obtain this information.MDMAPills

  • Exact location of the activity.
  • Time of heaviest activity
  • Describe the individuals involved. Include the race, approximate age, sex, height, weight, how they are dressed, hair style and any names or visible marks.
  • Type of drug being sold, if known.

The more information you can supply safely, the easier it will be to address the problem.

Vice and Narcotics Contact:
Tip Line Phone: 727-548-8477 Tip Line Email:
(When providing tip line information, please be very detailed with the problem to include a specific location, vehicle descriptions, subject descriptions, time and days which the problems are occurring)