Officer of the Year


Police Officer of the Year

The Police Department would like to congratulate Corporal Scott Galley who has been selected as the 2014 Police Officer of the Year.  Corporal Galley was nominated by his supervisors who cite his commitment to excellence and his dedication to his profession as just several of the many reasons why he should be selected for this award.

Corporal Galley has been a member of the Pinellas Park Police Department since 1998 and has worked in patrol as well as in traffic enforcement.

Corporal Galley is credited with many of the successes of the special operations section. In addition to his everyday responsibilities Corporal Galley is a member of the traffic homicide team, he is the agency drug recognition expert trainer, SWAT team member and honor guard member.

Corporal Galley defines professionalism and can be counted on to encourage those around him to perform at their highest potential. Corporal Galley leads by example and expects professionalism from those around him.

Corporal Galley’s customer service skills are ever evident; regardless of whom he is dealing with.

Again, we congratulate Corporal Galley for his accomplishments. 

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