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The Department maintains a Special Weapons and Tactics Team (S.W.A.T.) which is a specially trained unit equipped torespond to high risk situations. Its main purpose is the protection of citizens and police personnel. They deal with hostage situations, armed and barricaded subjects, snipers, crowd disturbances, and V.I.P. protection.

The goal of the S.W.A.T. is to conduct a successful operation in which the responding personnel refrain from using deadly force. This is not to be construed as reluctance to use deadly force, but to display the ultimate purpose and goal of the S.W.A.T. which is to conduct every operation with the utmost regard for human life. In this effort, the S.W.A.T. will use all tactical ability to perform it's mission.


The unit is composed of 35 members. The team currently consists of a team commander, assistant team commander, training coordinator, intelligence officer, two eight person tactical teams, and a specialty team consisting of snipers, gas experts, and negotiators. Members participate in regular training in addition to their normal duties as patrol officers or detectives. The team has conducted specialized training in tactics and hostage negotiation rescue.



The following are examples of situations that, by their potentially violent and/or specialized nature, indicate the recommendation of SWAT Team mobilization.

Armed suspect(s) with hostages.
Rescue of hostage(s), trapped, or isolated officers.
Barricaded gunman or suspected barricaded gunman.
Use of Chemical agents.
Service of search warrants on violent or potentially violent suspect(s).
Arrest of violent or potentially violent suspect(s)
Protection of police and firefighter personnel or equipment involved in the suppression of civil disorder.
Riot or potential riot.

Any situation that requires or potentially requires the use of the SWAT Team's specialized training, tactics and equipment.

The mission of the Crisis Negotiation Team (CNT) is to provide support to other elements of the Department, especially SWAT, in hostage/barricaded/suicidal subject(s) situations, through the deployment of specially trained officers skilled in Crisis Management and Hostage Negotiations. These specially trained officers will respond to Incidents involving, or potentially involving, a high risk to the public, police officers, or suspects. Our goal during these incidents is attaining a peaceful resolution through communication.

SWAT Team Contact: Sgt. M. Griffiths