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The Training Section is responsible for all the training needs of nearly 150 full and part-time employees. It is staffed by a full time police officers dedicated to this task.

FirearmsQualThe responsibilities of the Training Section are tremendous. The Section is responsible for ensuring that all of our police officers earn and maintain their State certifications as mandated by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE). FDLE also mandates certain training classes that all sworn law enforcement officers must take within a period of time in order to maintain their certifications. Training tracks these classes and ensures our employees attend when required.

In addition, the Training Section identifies advanced training opportunities around the country that may benefit the City of Pinellas Park. Once an officer is approved for a training class, the Training Section makes all the necessary arrangements to ensure that the employee attends.

When training needs and goals are identified, the Training Section coordinates the implementation of the desired curriculum.GunTrain In-house training is often used to meet these objectives. The Pinellas Park Police Department presently has several in-house instructors with expertise in a multitude of subjects.






Training Section Contacts:
Officer M. Kloepfer by phone at (727) 369-7818 or by email: