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Helen Howarth    Helen S. Howarth served the people of Pinellas  Park for three decades. She kept Pinellas Park residents warm in the winter  filling their furnaces with oil even when some couldn't pay. Helen owned Park Oil Company, drove trucks, cleaned stoves and took orders and was known to many of the town's children as Granny Good for providing food, bundles of clothing and other gifts on doorsteps to express her concern for children in need.
   For many years she ran the dances for children at the city's old youth center in the auditorium and paid for the kids, band and anything else that went with it.
   She initiated the building of a historical museum and was a founder of St. Stefano's Greek Orthodox Church in 1965. The people of Pinellas Park learned what Helen Howarth really was. She talked straight, talked loud with disdained euphemism.
   Helen Howarth is a symbol of our town, a personification of an era of life in Pinellas Park.

Helen S. Howarth Park & Equestrian Trail (60 acre park)
6301 94th Ave. N. 

  • Equestrian Trail
  • Pinellas Park Equestrian Center
  • 3 lighted little league ball fields
  • A two-story scorekeeper/concession building
    with restrooms.
  • The Charlie Brush Senior Baseball field
  • 12 lighted racquetball courts
  • 2/3 mile paved nature trail
  • 2 volleyball courts
  • Playground equipment
  • 7 picnic pavilions with picnic tables (no reservations needed)