Friends of the Library

Friends of the Library

The Friends of the Library is a separate non-profit organization comprised of dues-paying members who work to enhance library services through volunteerism, fundraising and political advocacy. Through financial support from the Friends, the library is able to invest in special equipment and to bring in special guest speakers and programs that would otherwise fall outside of the library's budget.  If you are interested in learning more about this organization, and all of the wonderful things it does for the library, membership brochures are available at the library. New members are always welcome!  Check out the Friends on Facebook. 

Books Beyond the Library

The Library provides small collections of books for our youth to enjoy at the City's Broderick, Forbes, and Youth Park Recreation Centers. Two "Little Free Libraries" are also installed in the City, supported by the Library as well as by community members who are welcome to pass on favorite titles to others in these small, honor-system book boxes. 

Image of green box with books inside. A tree and playground are in the background.


Freedom Lake Park Playground

9990 46th Street, Pinellas Park

Kids' titles and family-friendly materials are always welcome.

Funded, constructed and donated by the Suncoast Woodcarvers.

Image of blue house shaped box with books inside.  Friends' of the Library, Little Free Library

located near 5721 75th Avenue

Located in the City's emerging Arts District

Funded, constructed and donated by the Friends' of the Library.