Volunteers in Policing

The work and devotion of the Volunteers is an extremely valuable resource to the City of Pinellas Park. Volunteers donate their time and energy to the community without expecting any compensation except for the satisfaction of knowing they are helping to make the City of Pinellas Park a better place to live.

Volunteers assist the Pinellas Park Police Department employees in solving problems, reducing crime and the fear of crime, and improve the quality of life in the community. Volunteers form a mutual partnership with staff employees to supplement City services, freeing the paid staff to perform other necessary duties. The Volunteer Program places volunteers in programs and projects which best utilize their existing skills, talents, and interests while offering rewarding challenges.

2016 Volunteers

2016 Volunteers

Volunteers use specially marked volunteer cars. The volunteers are designated as "patrol volunteers". Some of the patrol volunteer duties include, but are not limited to: performing directed patrols for speeding complaints, performing directed patrols in order to obtain data for further police action, performing welfare checks of Pinellas Park citizens, delivering equipment to traffic and crime scenes, assisting in parking law enforcement, picking up and labeling found property, transporting victims and witnesses, training of new volunteers, assisting the Pinellas Park Police Department in special details and events, extending the presence of the Pinellas Park Police Department in all areas of the city through contact with citizens, and identifying problem areas in the city.

The volunteers also serve in managerial and administrative offices such as at the police headquarters building or various neighborhood police mini-offices in areas such as fiscal, property, supply, front desk, records, etc. In these offices they assist the staff in technical and non-technical work. They are designated as "support volunteers". Some of the support volunteer duties include, but are not limited to, call-backs to victims, case status lookups, front desk customer service, data entry, filing, copying, language translation services, monthly reports, statistical reports, supply distribution, and training of volunteers.