Crime Prevention

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The Crime Prevention Unit is responsible for obtaining and correlating information services or products relating to crime prevention from various resources.

The information is then made available to citizens and businesses in an effort to reduce crime and the opportunity of crime. The Crime Prevention Unit regularly meets with other agencies, groups, and organizations to teach crime prevention techniques in an effort to improve the quality of life for those individuals who reside and work in Pinellas Park.

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The Crime Prevention Unit can assist you with information on crime trends and well as recent criminal activity occurring in our area. Members of the Crime Prevention Unit are certified Crime Prevention practitioners and are available to conduct.

The Crime Prevention Unit was especially active in preparing and presenting activities to many citizens through various city and county law enforcement displays which include:security surveys of your residence or business.

McGruff Crime Dog
  • Country in the Park
  • National Night Out Against Crime
  • Childrens Safety Festival
  • Annual Holiday Parade
  • Citizens Police Academy

They also participated in school safety programs and law programs, in addition to many others involving citizen and youth organizations.

Crime Prevention Unit Contact: Corporal James Gatti. Email Corporal James Gatti or call at 727-244-1715