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Click Magazine - Parents' Choice Gold Award Winner 2018Click Magazine Covers Opens in new window

Science concepts made fun for children ages 3 to 6:

Introduce your children to science, art, nature, and environmental issues with CLICK magazine. If your child is always asking questions — What is an insect? What do animals eat? Why do birds migrate? What’s out in space? — you can trust CLICK to provide the answers about the world around them, one intriguing topic at time.

Ask Magazine Covers Opens in new windowAsk Magazine - Parents' Choice Gold Award Winner 2018

Arts and Science for Curious Kids ages 6 - 9:

If “Why?” is the most common word that comes out of your child’s mouth, then ASK Magazine is the answer. ASK explains why animals sleep, what are tides, and how the solar system formed. Full of fun facts, informative scientific articles, and hands-on activities, ASK Magazine launches curious kids into hours of happy exploration. 

Spider Magazine -  Parents' Choice Gold Award Winner 2018Spider Magazine Covers Opens in new window

Enchanting stories and activities for young readers ages 6-9:

Specially written for that magical age when children first get excited about reading on their own, SPIDER Magazine is filled with fantasy and adventure stories by celebrated authors, folk tales, nonfiction, poems, activities, and illustrations by famous children’s artists.

Faces Magazine Covers Opens in new windowFaces Magazine

Readers ages 9-14 - Take a journey around the world each month with FACES magazine!

Come face-to-face with people from every country under the sun, touring unforgettable destinations and getting a close-up view of cultures and customs. From the dense Amazon rainforest to the Australian outback, from Moroccan marketplaces to Swiss mountaintops, FACES is the next best thing to being there.  

Muse MagazineMuse Magazine Covers Opens in new window

For future engineers, inventors, biologists, and other curious kids ages 9-14!

Delight in MUSE magazine’s unabashedly off-the-wall articles! With quirky humor, enthralling articles, and striking photos and cartoons, MUSE has something for everyone. Explore topics ranging from zombies to AI to the science of dreams to the history of ghost-hunting. How are crop circles formed? How does Bitcoin work? Can animals have autism?  

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