Officer Joe Puglia



My name is Officer Joe Puglia and I am the Community Redevelopment Area district officer for District D, which encompasses the area between 70th Ave and 78th Ave, from 47 St to 34 St. I bring a variety of skills and experience to the unit and I strive to make use of both in service to the community.

I am a transplant from another state and spent most of my childhood here in Pinellas County. I come from a “police family” and I am a fourth generation law enforcement officer. I’ve been married for 21 years and I have cats and a pet tortoise.

Although I am new to community policing, I have been a police officer for 20 years. I have served a detective assigned to the Criminal Investigation Section, a Field Training Officer assigned to Patrol and a Training Officer assigned to Administration. I also serve as a Hostage Negotiator on the agency SWAT team and I am also a member of the Civil Emergency Response Team. I also am certified as Critical Stress Management Specialist and a state certified instructor.

Prior to my law enforcement career, I served two years as a Detention Deputy in the Pinellas County Jail. Prior to working in the jail, I was self-employed and owned a cleaning business which I ran while I attended school.

I am a proud veteran and served in the US Navy as Naval Aircrewman. I was fortunate enough to travel around the world and see a lot of interesting and exciting things. I was able to experience different cultures and meet people I never would have otherwise. I am currently a member of the Veterans of Foreign Wars and I have an interest in veteran affairs.

Prior to my military service, I worked throughout high school in fast food, beverage service and I mowed lawns for extra money.

I have interests and hobbies that I enjoy very much and they include cars, film, pop culture, comic books, science fiction and history. I am an enthusiastic decorator for Christmas and Halloween and I go “all out” for both occasions. I am somewhat involved in the arts and enjoy making costumes, props and scenic design.

My goal is to reach out to the community and build relationships that will enhance the quality of life for everyone. I believe that communication is essential in building these relationships and I invite you to approach me, talk to me, visit me or call me. I love talking to people and I want to hear the concerns and ideas you have regarding the safety and welfare of the community. Or we can just chat!

Desk: (727) 369-5768   Cell: (727)410-5363  Email: