Patron Code Of Conduct Policy

Patron Code of Conduct

Policy Statement: The Library’s Patron Code of Conduct is designed to ensure a safe and comfortable environment for all visitors and staff; caring for the condition of the library facility and its materials, furnishings and grounds are also considered when establishing behavior guidelines.

Visitors are requested to refrain from the following:

•    Conduct that threatens, intimidates or harasses other individuals, including staring, following, touching, unwelcome non-verbal gestures or verbal comments, etc.; also, conduct that results in sustained or repeated disruption to others or that may result in accidental injury or health-risks to others.  

•    Visiting while exhibiting signs of substance impairment, including the possession or consumption of alcohol or illegal drugs or the misuse of inhalants, prescriptions, or other impairing substances on library property.

•    Use of tobacco, vapor or similar products inside the library or in non-designated exterior areas.

•    Sleeping or loitering on library property.

•    Openly viewing materials that are inappropriate for the environment.

•    Bringing non-service animals into the library; also failure to control a service animal adequately.

•    Use of recreational wheeled devices on library property; devices used for transportation must be parked/stored in designated areas and not in walkways, landscaping or interior areas.

•    Visitors must wear shoes; also top and bottom clothing adequately fastened to avoid indecent exposure

•    Leaving personal items unattended or bringing in belongings that exceed the space volume of an individual seat; also, bringing in pests, biohazards, or other potential health contaminants in one’s belongings or on one’s attire or person. 

•    Altering, rearranging, or otherwise misusing library equipment, furniture, materials, or facilities.

•    Trespassing in staff areas or entering closed sections of the library without staff authorization. 

•    Eating or drinking in non-designated areas. Non-alcoholic beverages with lids or caps are permissible. 

•    Use of audible devices in a manner that disturbs others. Headphones/earbuds should be used.

•    Leaving minor children and dependent adults unsupervised at the library is discouraged. Children under age 7 are required to stay within sight and reach of an accompanying adult, and staff may extend that requirement to other minors or dependents who do not demonstrate appropriate behavior on their own.  

•    Any other activity that violates federal, state, or local laws.

Those whose behavior remains in conflict with the Patron Code of Conduct may be asked to leave the library, face suspension of library privileges, or be subject to legal action.

Appeals Process – 

Any patron whose privileges have been suspended at the Library has the right to appeal the decision. A patron may appeal, in writing, to the Library Director within 15 days of the suspension. The appeal will be reviewed and decided on by the Library Appeals Committee. Each committee ruling will be made by no less than two of the following persons: the Library Director, Library supervisory staff members, and the Leisure Services Administrator. In addition, at least one of the members of the Library’s Advisory Board will sit on the committee. The Committee will call a meeting within 30 days or less of receiving the written appeal, at which time the patron may present his/her case. A written decision will be sent to the patron within 15 days of the meeting. This decision will be final. Failure to appear at the meeting without prior notification to the Library Director will be interpreted as a withdrawal of the appeal.