Education and resource links during the shutdown

Learn at Home resources

During the shutdown, many organizations and businesses have stepped up to help kids stay busy, help the public stay informed, and help people stay busy while they’re stuck at home.  We’ve curated this list of sites to help our community stay connected and stay safe. 

We’re aware that some sites may ask you to create accounts, but all these resources should be free at this time.

Education for All:

Rosetta Stone, a language learning program, can help you learn a new language!

Khan Academy - classes for all sorts of skills and education endeavors, they also have a schedule for kids by grade level to keep their day structured and keep up with school work.

Scholastic has magazines and books for free to learn at home.

World Book is providing free access to their online resources.

Google Arts and Culture is a great browsing resource for arts and culture.

Pinellas County School Board has resources for parents.

WEDU PBS has at-home learning resources.

Gale is offering free online learning for students of all ages.

Other Resources:

Ask-a-Librarian is a Florida state resources that links you to a real person for help.

United Way has local help for families and businesses who are struggling.

YMCA has opened up their online fitness resources for free.