Battery Arrest

TITLE: Battery on a Law Enforcement Officer leads to a SWAT Call-out

WHEN: Wednesday, April 21st, 2021, at 7:45 PM

WHERE: 7001 Park Blvd (Initiated) / 3910 Ulmerton Rd (Conclusion)



Walter John Brois W/M - DOB 10/29/1971
Jennifer Nicole Thomas W/F - DOB 7/17/1983

 WHAT: On April 21, 2021, at 7:45 PM, a Pinellas Park Police Officer was made
aware of a vehicle in the parking lot of Sam's Club (7001 Park Blvd) having a
possible stolen tag attached to the truck. During the investigation, the
officer contacted Walter Brois and Jennifer Thomas as they approached the
vehicle. While the officer was speaking with Walter, he entered the driver's
seat of the vehicle after being instructed to stay away from the truck. The
officer approached the truck's passenger side in an attempt to remove Brois
with verbal commands, stepping onto the running board.

Brois failed to obey the lawful commands of the investigating officer and
turned on the motor vehicle. After several verbal commands, the officer
activated and deployed his taser on two separate occasions in an attempt to
subdue Brois. During the attempt to stop Brois, he began driving the motor
vehicle through the parking lot while the officer was still hanging onto the
truck. Brois continuously struck the officer in an attempt to push him from
within the cab of the truck. Before exiting the parking lot, Brois struck the
officer and ultimately forced him out of the open passenger door onto the
pavement while the vehicle was in motion.

Additional officers in the area located Brois as he was fleeing the location,
and they attempted to stop his vehicle. Brois failed to comply with the
officers attempts to stop him and continued to flee from law enforcement.
Officers briefly pursued the vehicle, during which Brois drove the wrong way
and against traffic on Ulmerton Road. Out of an abundance of caution for the
motoring public, the pursuit was terminated to ensure everyone's safety.
Multiple officers continued to monitor the area where the vehicle was last
seen, ultimately locating it hidden in an industrial area.  Officers
determined through investigative means, Brois was checked into a nearby hotel
a short distance away from the vehicle, the Comfort Inn (3910 Ulmerton Rd).

Officers attempted to contact Brois at the room; however, the hotel door had
been barricaded. Brois made threats of violence with a firearm towards both
citizens and officers, ultimately leading to the activation of the SWAT team.

During the overnight hours, the Pinellas Park Police Department SWAT team
attempted to negotiate with Brois with no success. After several hours of
attempted negotiations, it was clear Brois was going to refuse to exit the
hotel room where he was located.

Due to the extended length of the SWAT activation, the Pinellas County
Sheriff's Office SWAT team was activated to relieve the Pinellas Park Police
Department SWAT members. The Pinellas County Sheriff's Office SWAT team
continued to negotiate and coax Brois from the hotel room. At approximately
1100 hours, Brois was taken into custody upon entry into the hotel room by the
Pinellas County Sheriff's Office.

Throughout the investigation, Jennifer Thomas was located and taken into
custody for her involvement in the incident taking place in the parking lot of
7001 Park Blvd. Jennifer Thomas was taken into custody at the hotel in the
early morning hours and has been charged with resisting an officer without
violence.  Jennifer Thomas has since been booked into the Pinellas County jail.

The officer who was thrown from the truck sustained minor injuries and is in
good condition.

Brois has been booked into the Pinellas County and charged with the following:

Battery of a Law Enforcement Officer
False Imprisonment
Resisting an officer without violence (Obstruction)
Fleeing and Eluding a Police Officer (High Speed or Wanton Disregard)
Petit Theft
Warrant Arrest - Violation of Probation for Escape from Law Enforcement

At this time, investigators are still processing the hotel room where this
incident took place, and there is a potential for additional charges.

The continued partnership and support from the Pinellas County Sheriff's
Office assisted in a safe resolution to this incident. No other law
enforcement officers or citizens were injured during the incident.

The body camera footage from the initial incident where the officer was thrown
from the vehicle is linked in this release.

If any other information is made available, this media release will be updated.

Released by: Sergeant John Shea

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For more information contact:

Pinellas Park Police Department
Public Information Office