First Degree Murder Arrest for Fatal Fentanyl Dose

TITLE: Man Arrested for Selling Fatal Fentanyl Dose - Now Facing First Degree
Murder Charge

WHEN: July 6th, 2022

WHERE: 4040 Park Blvd (Home Depot)


Arrested - Steven Eberhart B/M 27 YOA from Pinellas Park

Deceased - Brian Wilson W/M 32 YOA from North Port, Florida

WHAT: On March 7th, 2022, the Pinellas Park Police Department investigated an
overdose death at 4040 Park Blvd (Home Depot). During the investigation,
detectives identified the suspect who sold a fatal dose of fentanyl to the
deceased male, Brian Wilson.

Over the course of several months, detectives established a connection with
the suspected drug dealer.  Detectives purchased various amounts of fentanyl
from the suspect, Steven Eberhart.  In cooperation with the 6th Judicial
Circuit States Attorney Office, detectives obtained a search warrant for the
residence of Steven Eberhart.

With the assistance of the Pinellas Park Police Department SWAT team, Steven
Eberhart was taken into custody near his residence on July 6th.  Following his
arrest, detectives executed the search warrant and seized a large quantity of
fentanyl, cocaine, and two firearms from the apartment. One of the firearms
located had been reported stolen out of the Largo Police Department in 2018. 
All of the seized items were found within Steven Eberhart's apartment, where
several children reside.

Steven Eberhart was arrested and charged with 1st-degree murder.  In addition
to the murder charge, Steven Eberhart has been charged with one count of armed
trafficking in fentanyl, three counts of possession of fentanyl with intent to
sell, three counts of sales of fentanyl, one count of possession of marijuana
with intent to sell, two counts of possession of crack cocaine with intent to
sell, one count of sale of crack cocaine, and two counts of unlawful use of a
two-way communication device.  Steven Eberhart is currently at the Pinellas
County Jail, held with no bond.

With the continuous rise of overdose deaths across Pinellas County, detectives
are working to remove this toxic and addictive drug from the streets.  During
the search warrant detectives recovered 59 grams of Fentanyl. The seizure of
59 grams of fentanyl has potentially saved the lives of several thousand
citizens from a fatal fentanyl overdose.

The booking photograph of Steven Eberhart has been attached to this release.

Released by: Sergeant John Shea

Photo available at
CODE WORD: mediapic

For more information contact:
Pinellas Park Police Department
Public Information Office