Patti Johnson Farm

Located at 6199 94th Avenue, the City's agritourism center, named after late Councilwoman Patti Johnson, is still very much at the start of its journey. This farm is intended to help educate children about our food sources and to demonstrate responsible farming practices and positive environmental stewardship of the land and our natural resources. The farm aims to adopt organic and regenerative farming practices, composting food and animal waste to build the soil, using reclaimed and/or harvested water and drip irrigation, and incorporating native Florida plants and pollinator plants throughout the grounds to complement fruit trees and other food crops that will benefit the animals on site (as well as the community).  Our garden areas are very much in their infancy, and we hope that in a few years, a lush mix of colorful plants, butterflies, and birds will be making the farm their home alongside the small number of traditional farm animals on site. 

We certainly know that everyone loves animals, and our chickens, turkeys, goats, mini-horse, mini-cow, pigs, donkeys and sheep are on the farm as an educational backdrop for local 4H, veterinary students, and other school students to see and learn what's involved with raising food livestock. While most of our animals are happy to greet visitors at the front of their pens, we are different than a petting zoo in that our critters get to decide whether they are interested in interacting with human guests. Just like us people, some days they feel more sociable than others - and they have their own space to decide that - but they are always close enough to have fun observing their habits and occasional goofiness!

We look forward to adding programming to the farm for those interested in raising their own backyard poultry, starting their own compost or worm bin, or preserving the bounty of their gardens. As we grow, we anticipate a peppering of animal shows, seasonal celebrations and just-for-fun events. Those who visit will notice that we'll always be a work in progress - some structures may come and go, some areas of the grounds may be dug up, some plants may move around. And yes, even the animals may change occasionally as nature runs its course. We hope that the farm will be an asset to our students as well as to the larger community as a place to discover, learn, and grow. 

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