Text My Gov

City of Pinellas Park Text Notifications! View terms and privacy policy info at: textmygov.com/opt-in-terms-conditions Get Started, Or opt-in to any of the following notification lists: ➢ For Performing Arts & Events Notifications text “PINPARK FUN” to 91896 ➢ For Pinellas Park Public Library Notifications text “PINPARK READ” to 91896 ➢ For Leisure Service Notifications text “PINPARK PLAY” to 91896 ➢ Quickly receive ALL city Notifications text “PINELLAS PARK” to 91896 ➢ For Water & Utility Billing Notifications text “PINPARK WATER” to 91896 Get city updates sent directly to your phone via text message. What to Expect: ▪ After the initial keyword is sent, you will receive a confirmation message asking you to reply YES to verify opt-in. ▪ You may receive multiple text messages a month with a notification for each alert category opted-in to. ▪ Message and data rates may apply. Check with your carrier for more details. ▪ You can text STOP at any time to remove yourself from ALL lists. 91896 PINELLAS PARK You've requested to join our text notification list. Reply 'YES' to opt-in. You have successfully opted-in. PINELLAS PARK Yes ➢ For Pinellas Park Police & Fire Department Notifications text “PINPARK SAFETY” to 91896 ➢ For Senior Center Notifications text “PINPARK SENIOR” to 91896 Receive city text message notifications! ➢ For Economic Development Notifications text “PINPARK BIZ” to 91896