Community Engagement

The City of Pinellas Park has established a new innovative Community Engagement Program with the goal of connecting frequently with various groups, organizations, community stakeholders and businesses to provide resources, conduct public education and spread awareness on issues that are of importance to those who live, work, and play in Pinellas Park.

 Our efforts will include:

  • Public Engagement - Direct outreach to neighborhoods, businesses, civic organizations, local schools, homeowner associations and the nonprofit community to identify needs among these various groups and share information on future projects, grant opportunities, recycling, and City Services and Resources.
  • Safety Engagement - Speaking engagements that consist of presentations on numerous topics from experts at our City. Some topics include, but are not limited to Fall Prevention, Water Safety, Fire Safety, Hurricane Preparedness, Crime Prevention, and Scam and Fraud Prevention.
  • Community Collaboration Engagement - Establish a wide variety of community events such as neighborhood pop-up BBQ, plays, town hall meetings, public safety coordinated events, and will organize focus groups as needed.

The goal of community engagement in Pinellas Park is to strengthen relationships, create connections with our citizens and local businesses, enhance life safety, and strive to make a positive difference that manifests itself through interacting, connecting, and communicating throughout our community. Community engagement brings together all parties to provide accurate information, needed resources, and a sense of community belonging.

Jillian Rose, Community Engagement Program Manager will utilize our City resources to connect with and meet the needs of people of community of all ages. Jillian will also work with other agencies to reach all demographics, assess the wants and needs of those being served, and create a plan of community engagement to truly achieve a positive outcome by forming a network of City services all working together.

Jillian Rose Community Engagement Program Manager Communications and Marketing Department
Phone: 727-369-5744
Email: jrose@pinellas-park.com5851 Park Blvd.Pinellas Park, FL 33781