Office of Management & Budget

The City of Pinellas Park's Office of Management and Budget (OMB) is located at City Hall and includes: 

  • Budget Administration
  • Business Consulting
  • Financial Planning
  • Franchise Negotiations
  • Internal Auditing services
  • Performance Measurement Management

Budget Administration

The OMB prepares the City's annual budget including operations, capital, service, and specific targeted improvements in operations. This entails projecting all municipal revenues and working with all other City Departments in the development of their operating and capital budgets. In addition, OMB reviews and analyzes the existing budget relative to actual or estimated revenues, expenditures, etc. OMB, during the year, prepares required amendments to the current budget in order for the City to stay the course from a financial perspective.

Financial Planning

The OMB performs intermediate and long range strategic planning for the City that often entails the preparation of revenue, expenditure/expense projections for future years. Further, the OMB analyzes past, present, and future financial trends, prepares various financial strategies, and prepares recommendations for the City Manager and Council.

Franchise Negotiations

OMB performs all franchise negotiations for services such as electric, gas, telecommunications, cable, etc. OMB researches past and current industrial and governmental franchise information, identifies the key franchise issues, negotiates these issues, prepares franchise documents, and presents the proposed franchise documents to the City Manager, City Council, and the public for their approval.

Internal Auditing

OMB performs various internal audits: revenue, compliance, operational, financial, and fraud. Revenue audits are often performed immediately prior to the beginning of new franchise negotiations. All audits are performed based on an approved audit calendar that is based on a risk assessment of all functions and activities performed by the City. Major emphasis is placed by the OMB in conducting their audits on: accurate financial reporting, safeguarding municipal assets, improving operational efficiency and effectiveness, reducing operating costs, and both deterring and detecting fraud.

Performance Measurement Management

OMB is responsible for coordinating the City's efforts concerning targeted improvements in performance for the City. This entails annually working with the departments to compare the City's existing performance measures relative to the performance measures published from the International City Manager's Association, other comparable Cities, private industry for adequacy. In addition, the OMB reviews, quarterly, all City targeted improvements relative to actual or historical operating results to determine and coordinate any required corrective actions.