Fire Suppression

District Chiefs

Operations Chief Rob Angell is the command officer of the PPFD suppression division. 

There are three suppression divisions - A Shift, B Shift and C Shift .  The command structure of each shift consists of a district chief with five lieutenants and one rescue lieutenant on each shift.

“A” shift is commanded by Chief Eric DeSpirt.  Chief DeSpirt assists with equipment purchases and keeping our apparatus updated with the newest and most efficient firefighting tools on the market.

District Chief Erick DeSpirt

“B” shift is commanded by Chief Keith Ellis.  Chief Ellis has the ability to organize and demand structure to the many programs used by the division.  Chief Ellis has played a large role in payroll, vehicle repairs and station inspections and organizations.

District Chief Keith Ellis

“C” shift is commanded by Jeremy Larson.  Chief Larson takes pride in researching and the building of our fire apparatus.  Chief Larson has be a tremendous asset when it comes to communicating with vendors concerning our apparatus purchases.

District Chief Jeremie Larson