Construction & Development

Guide to Plan Review Requirements

This information has been developed and presented with the intent of providing assistance to the development and construction community. Included in these guidelines is information addressing the needs and requirements of the fire service within Pinellas Park's district including, but not limited to, Plans Review/Permit Fees, Site Requirements, and general code provisions.

All builder/developers are encouraged to take advantage of the City of Pinellas Park's offer of a no-cost pre-development meeting. At this meeting, all affected City staff will be present to provide assistance in expediting the project in a cost-effective manner prior to plans submittal. Contact the Community Development Department to make a request at 727-369-5647.

When your plans are submitted, one of the copies is routed to the Fire Prevention for review. If the plans submitted are complete and in compliance with the applicable fire codes, the review by the Division should be completed and a transmittal letter outlining the fire department's requirements returned to the applicant within ten (10) business days. Some large projects and those with incomplete submissions may take longer.

Please remember that the information presented here is to provide those jurisdictional specific items as stipulated in the current version of the Florida Fire Prevention Code.