Staffing & Benefits


To recruit, retain, and reward a City staff of highly qualified employees; maintain a positive City-wide work environment that fosters respect, innovation, and teamwork to successfully meet the challenges of the future.

What We Do

The Staffing and Benefits Division:

  • Administers and develops the position classification and compensation system for the City, as well as the Personnel and Safety Rules and Regulations, and the employee benefits program other than pension
  • Administers union contracts
  • Compiles, edits, and produces the quarterly in-house newsletter
  • Coordinates New Employee Information Sessions
  • Coordinates training programs (career and personal development)
  • Handles unemployment compensation
  • Inputs all pay and classification, training, and other computer data entries
  • Maintains and preserves personnel files, and generates performance evaluations
  • Makes arrangements for various employee award presentations, and all other matters relating to personnel management.
  • Oversees adherence to equal employment, the ADA as it relates to employment, FLSA, and all other employment legislation
  • Recruits employees, conducts applicant processing, and seeks to retain employees
  • Submits the EEOC report