Standard Details Index



E-1                  Median Soil: Composition and Depth

E-2                  Tree Protection


SD-1                Storm Drainage Plot Plan Requirements 

SD-2                Storm Sewer Cover

SD-3                Barrier Spacing Chart

SD-4                Placement-Baled Hay or Straw Barriers &Silt Fences 

SD-5                Placement of Silt Fence

SD-6                P.C.E.D. Curb Inlet (Types RC-3, 4, and 5) Sheet 1 of 4

SD-6                P.C.E.D. Curb Inlet (Types RC-3, 4, and 5) Sheet 2 of 4

SD-6                P.C.E.D. Curb Inlet (Types RC-3, 4, and 5) Sheet 3 of 4

SD-6                P.C.E.D. Curb Inlet (Types RC-3, 4, and 5) Sheet 4 of 4

SD-7                P.C.E.D. J5 & J6 Curb Inlets Sheet 1 of 2 (Modified F.D.O.T. J5 & J6 Curb Inlets) 

SD-7                P.C.E.D. J5 & J6 Curb Inlets Sheet 2 of 2 (Modified F.D.O.T. J5 & J6 Curb Inlets) 

SD-8                Filter Fabric Wrap and Grout at Structures

SD-9                Underdrain Inspection Manhole Type 1 

SD-10              Underdrain Inspection Manhole Type 2 

SD-11              Roadside Underdrain Installation

SD-12              Pavement Cuts, Excavation and Restoration


R-1                    Typical Roadway Detail

R-2                    Typical Alley Detail

R-3                    Typical Curb Detail

R-4                    Concrete Driveway Apron

R-5                    Typical Turning Radii for Cul-de-Sac

R-6                    Typical Sidewalk Details

R-7                    Valley Gutter and Transition

R-8                    Pedestrian Ramps in Public Rights-of-Way

R-9                    Pedestrian Ramp for Handicapped

R-10                  Standard Street Name Sign

R-11                  Metro Street Name Sign

R-12                  Omitted

R-13                  Method of Patching Pavement

R-14                  Omitted

R-15                  Curb and Gutter Type A and Header Curb

R-16                  Residential Driveway/Sidewalk Paver Detail 

R-17                  Sidewalk through Existing Driveways

R-18                  Guidelines for Sidewalk Alignment

R-19                  P.C.E.D. Type “A” and “B” Handicap Ramp Detail 

R-20                  Traffic Sign Installation into Concrete

R-21                  Barricade with Reflectors


SGN-1              Standard Project Sign

SGN-2              Footing Detail Fire Station Sign


GD-1                Trench Backfill Detail

GD-2                Main Clearances Detail

GD-3                Tracer Wire Layout Detail 

GD-3a              Tracer Wire Installation Detail

GD-4                Valve Box/Tracer Wire Installation Detail 

GD-5               Concrete Valve Box and Collar Detail 

GD-6                Reverse Deadman Restraint Detail

GD-7                Bollard Detail

GD-8                Jack and Bore Under Roadway Detail 

GD-9                Jack and Bore Under Railway Detail

GD-10              Fusible PVC/HDPE Pipe Connections Detail 

GD-10a            Fusible PVC/HDPE Pipe Connections Detail 

GD-11              Pressure Main Restrained Joint Detail

GD-12              Cul-de-sac Layout – Potable Water Detail

GD-13              Typical Pressure Line Offset Relocation Detail


RC-1               Near and Far Side Reclaimed Water Service Detail RC-2 Gate Valve and Box Detail

RC-3               Distribution Main 2” Blowoff

RC-4               Distribution Main 6” Blowoff

RC-5               Butterfly Valves and Box Detail RC-6  Manual Air Release Valve Details

RC-7               2” Metered Reclaimed Water Service Detail RC-8 Cul-de-sac Layout Reclaimed Water Detail 

RC-9               Typical Ditch Crossing; Water and Force Main


SS-1                Sanitary Sewer Cleanout

SS-1A             Sanitary Sewer Cleanout Location

SS-2                Sanitary Sewer Service Connection for Sewer (Depth of 8’ and Over) 

SS-3                Sanitary Sewer Single and Double Service Connections

SS-4                Sanitary Sewer Concrete Transition Joint

SS-5                Sanitary Sewer Typical Highway and Railroad Crossing 

SS-6                Typical Ditch Crossing; Water and Force Main

SS-7                Precast Concrete Manholes

SS-8                Precast Drop Manhole

SS-9                Shallow Precast Manhole

SS-10              Force Main Drop Connection

SS-11              Manhole Construction Notes

SS-11a             Standard Manhole (pre-cast) Detail

SS-11b            Inside Drop Manhole Connection Detail 

SS-11c             Outside Drop Manhole Connection Detail

SS-11d            Doghouse Air Release Valve Manhole Detail

SS-12              Sewer Air Release and Air and Air Vacuum Valve in Manhole (12” pipe or less) Detail 

SS-13              Offset  Air  Release  Assembly for  4”-12”  and  Larger  Sanitary Sewer (Above  Ground) Detail

SS-14              Depth Limitations of Sanitary Sewer Pipe Detail 

SS-15              Sanitary Sewer Cover


W-1                 Precast Thrust Block

W-2                 Hydrant Location 60’ Right-of-Way

W-3                 Hydrant Location 50’ Right-of-Way

W-4                 Blow-Off and Sampling Details

W-5                 3/4" - 2" Backflow Preventer

W-6                 Single and Double Water Meter Setting Details 

W-7                 Tapping Valve and Sleeve (Cast Iron)

W-8                 Tapping Valve and Sleeve (Steel)

W-9                 Typical Installation 3" - 12" Backflow Preventer Fire Double Detector Meter 

W-10               3" - 12" Above Ground Meter Installation With By-pass

W-11               Fire Department Connection with Storz Connection 

W-12               Temporary Sampling Point Detail

W-13               2” Permanent Water Blow-off Detail

W-14               ¾” or 1” Potable Water Service Connection Detail 

W-15               2” Potable Water Service Connection Detail

W-16               Typical Fire Hydrant Locations Detail

W-17               Typical Ditch Crossing; Water and Force Main