Transportation & Stormwater

Street repair,  potholes, catch basins, ditches & street signs.


Stormwater Division is responsible for  the inspection and maintenance of the City's stormwater system. These  responsibilities include the maintenance of culverts, drainage inlets,  ditches, stormwater retention and detention ponds and mitigation areas.  The Division replaces deteriorated storm sewers and installs new storm  sewers, drainage inlets and customer service culvert installations.

Issues & Emergencies

To report drainage issues please phone 727-369-5850, press 2 on Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Emergencies after 5 p.m., Weekends and Holiday: 727-369-5850 will automatically ring to Police Department for assistance.

Parks Maintenance

This Division is responsible for general parks maintenance such as mowing, edging, irrigation, mulch, etc. 


The Transportation Division is responsible for the safe and efficient movement of vehicles and pedestrians. The responsibilities include maintenance of all City streets, replacement of curbs and sidewalks, mowing, street sweeping, maintenance of traffic control devices, pavement markings, planning and inspecting the Annual  Paving and Resurfacing Program. The Transportation Division's philosophy is to continually seek the best traffic control plan to meet the needs  of the traveling public, citizens, and businesses for today and for the future.

Traffic Signs 

All sign installations must conform  to the MUTCD (Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices) which provides a set of standards for the placement of regulatory, warning and guide  signs. The City of Pinellas Park fabricates, installs, and maintains  over 10,000 signs. The sign shop also produces and installs vehicle  graphics for all departments in the City and produces banners and  special display boards for the many activities the City conducts  throughout the year for residents.

Street Striping 

The Transportation Division is  responsible for ensuring that all City stop bars, crosswalks, lane  lines, and parking stalls conform to the MUTCD. The Traffic Division  uses paint and thermoplastic to accomplish this. Paint is used in areas  where vehicle traffic is light, and thermoplastic is used where traffic  is heavy or a dangerous situation exists.

Traffic Signals 

The Transportation Division is  responsible for maintaining 45 traffic signals within the city limits.  These signals are monitored for optimum operation and capacity. The goal in the timing of traffic signals is to limit traffic travel time and  delays. All malfunctions should be reported to the Traffic Division or  contact Pinellas County Traffic Signal Operations directly at 727-464-8900.

Street Lights

The City's street lighting system is  designed to provide safe vehicle operation and safety for pedestrians.  The City's street lighting system consists of over 5,800 lights

For maintenance on street lights, please call Duke Energy: 1-800-228-8485      

Duke Energy Website

Traffic Studies 

Traffic studies are conducted to  see if a location meets certain warrants that are recommended by the  MUTCD (Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices). The MUTCD contains  the minimum requirements for installation of signs, signals, and  markings. Traffic studies include speed studies, traffic volume counts,  signal warrant studies, accident history, and pedestrian activity. These studies are vital in determining where and what type of traffic control is needed at various locations.

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