Artist Live Work

City-owned artist live-work units are offered below market rate with the goal of fostering the growth, development, expansion, and long term sustainability of arts and cultural industries in Pinellas Park. They are intended for working artists to create original art and also to engage, and become engaged with, fellow Pinellas Park-based artists and the broader community. At present, three units are available within the Pinellas Park Creative District:

  • 5705 Park Boulevard
  • The 'Cottages' at 5721 and 5741 75th Avenue

5705 Park Boulevard

The artist live work unit at 5705 Park Boulevard is a modern, shipping container constructed design of 2,030 square feet. The first story of the building is designed to function as a public studio/gallery space with a public restroom and entrances from both Park Boulevard (74th Avenue) and 75th Avenue. 

The upstairs residence consists of two bedrooms, one bath, kitchen, and combined dining/living area. An outdoor patio faces northward on a small public parking lot on 75th Avenue, overlooking an artist live/work bungalow and the gARTen, a small community art garden. The application process (PDF), currently closed, requires that the selected artist will be expected to actively use the studio/gallery, display and offer for sale original works, and open to the public with published operating hours of no less than 25 hours per week, including individual and classroom instruction and public events such as the monthly Art Walk.

The 'Cottages' at 5721 and 5741 75th Avenue

Each of two artist live work Cottages offer a two-story cottage design of approximately 830 square feet. A single bedroom, bath, closet, and laundry closet are located on the second floor. The first floor offers an open floor plan with kitchen and accessible public restroom with front entrance; a rear doorway exits into the stairwell and into a small rear yard. These units are intended for part-time or full-time working artists or creative industries that are becoming established and offering their first permanent facilities. The selected artist will be expected to actively use the studio/gallery, display and offer original works to the public, and be open to the public on average a minimum of 15 hours per week. The tenant selection process (PDF), currently closed, includes a competitive application and review.