Office of the Chief


The Chief of Police is the chief executive officer of the Pinellas Park Police Department and is responsible for decisions related to policy, enforcement, and the use of agency resources.  The Chief maintains command authority over all police department employees.  The Chief of Police for the Pinellas Park Police Department is Chief Michael Haworth.Haworth Office

Strategic Plan

In 2015, and again in 2020, Chief Haworth implemented an aggressive strategic plan designed to help the agency meet its core mission of providing professional services in partnership with the community.

The three-year plans have three primary goals: 

  1. To promote public safety through effective enforcement, education, and community partnerships to ensure a safer Pinellas Park.
  2. To provide a professional work environment that attracts and retains diverse, qualified members, recognizes employee excellence, and develops leadership through education and training.
  3. To provide effective and progressive technology, equipment, resources, and programs to ensure public safety. 


The strategic plan was put together with input from citizen representatives of the community and officers, staff, and volunteers from all divisions of the police department.


The agency's strategic plan serves as a roadmap to help the organization achieve and maintain its vision to be a professional law enforcement agency, constantly evolving in partnership with the community to provide exceptional service, ensure public safety, and enhance the quality of life in Pinellas Park. In addition, from the Chief of Police to our newest member, each is expected to perform their daily assignments with Integrity, Professionalism, Dedication, and service level that shows our commitment to excellence.