Special Investigations Unit


The Pinellas Park Police Vice and Narcotic Section is tasked with initiating and conducting covert investigations of crimes related to drugs, racketeering, prostitution, gambling, and alcohol. The Vice and Narcotics Unit investigates a broad spectrum of crimes, to include major drug trafficking and mid-level distribution, while its primary focus is on the street-level drug trade. The Narcotics Section also assists patrol officers in addressing specific drug problems in their respective areas.

Marijuana Bricks From Seizure
Confiscated Ecstacy Pills

How To Help Combat Illegal Drugs

  • Are there numerous exchanges taking place through a car window or residence window?  Have you noticed regular, quick meetings taking place between the same people at the same location?
  • Do you notice unusual exchanges between people? Nervous exchanges of small items or money may be indicative of a drug transaction.
  • Drug traffic usually involves stays of short duration, typically a drug deal is conducted in a matter of seconds.
  • Is there any unusually heavy foot traffic in and out of a house, apartment or parking lot?
  • Pay attention to what is occurring in and around your neighborhood

Suspicious Narcotics - Related Activity

If you observe suspicious activity in your neighborhood, you  may call the Vice and Narcotics Tip Line at 727-548-8477 and leave a message. You may also report directly to our communications section by calling 727-369-7864.You may also report incidents anonymously by visiting crime stoppers by clicking here. Under no circumstances should you place yourself in danger to obtain or report any information.

What To Look For

  • Describe the individuals involved and try to include
    • Any Names    
    • Approximate Age    
    • Hair Style  
    • Height
    • How They Are Dressed   
    • Race
    • Sex
    • Visible Marks
    • Weight
  • Exact location of the activity
  • Time of heaviest activity
  • Type of drug being sold, if known