Billing Information

Water Utility Rates Billed Each Month

Minimum Bill: $23.76
 Each 1,000 gallons thereafter Cost
0 - 8,000 $7.92
8,100 - 10,000
10,100 - 15,000 $8.79
15,100 - 17,000 $9.22
17,100 - 19,000 
19,100 or more $10.09

Minimum Billing

A minimum charge will be billed to all customers having active water service within the City of Pinellas Park Utility System, regardless of whether or not the premises is occupied. The City will consider an account active unless a service order, signed by the owner or authorized agent of the property, instructs the City to discontinue service.

Garbage & Recycling Collection

Garbage collection service is mandatory within the City limits of Pinellas Park. Residential solid waste collection is performed Tuesday & Friday with recycling collection performed on Wednesday. Residents should place containers curbside by 7 a.m. on collection day. 

Authorized containers

Authorized containers would include thirty-five gallon cans (equipped with handles and a lid) and tied plastic bags. The weight of each container/bag may not exceed 50 pounds. Brush must be tied, bundled and placed curbside for collection. Brush bundles may not exceed four feet in length and no single limb may exceed four inches in diameter. White goods, such as furniture and/or appliances, are collected curbside on your regularly scheduled trash collection days. 

Prohibited Materials

Automotive parts, construction and building materials and hazardous wastes are prohibited materials and will not be collected curbside. Contact the Utility Billing Division for information regarding proper disposal of these types of materials.

Customer Liability for Water Leaks

The customer is responsible for maintaining the water service from the house side of the water meter to the home. Excessive water loss resulting from poor maintenance could cause a discontinuance of service until necessary repairs are made. Water leaks involving the sewer system are not subject to a billing adjustment.

Filling of Swimming Pools

An exception to sewer charges for filling swimming pools may be secured by calling for a meter reading 24 hours before filling the pool. A charge of $4 will be billed to cover the added service cost. Limit one credit per year.

Access to Water Meter

The area where the meter is located is the responsibility of the customer to maintain. Keep grass, weeds and excess dirt under control. A water meter located behind a fence must be made accessible to City meter reading personnel.