Community Redevelopment Police Unit


The stated purpose of the Pinellas Park Community Redevelopment Policing Unit is to afford accelerated police presence in the Redevelopment District. This police presence is intended to promote and maintain good community relationship, while performing all aspects of community problem solving through a partnership.

Community Redevelopment Billboard

Mission Statement

To create and maintain a cooperative and long term partnership with those who own and operate businesses, live in, or visit the community redevelopment area.
This will be accomplished by implementing an aggressive, innovative, policing model with a strong emphasis on prevention, community outreach, education, and problem solving.

Redevelopment Policing Unit Photo in Front of Police Station

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About Us

The Community Redevelopment Policing Unit is a unique Component of Investigations Division. This Unit consists of 2 support staff members comprised of volunteers, 5 Sworn Officers, 1 Corporal, and 1 Sergeant.

The Sergeant is responsible for the day to day operations, to include the implementation of strategic problem solving, influencing negative perceptions that exist in the community through partnerships and to assure officers are working with the community to deter and solve concerns. He also coordinates the completion of monthly reports and schedules events for the unit personnel to attend. The Sergeant reports directly to the Division Commander, Captain Mike Darroch.