Emergency Key Box System

Knox Box Rapid Access System

  • The Knox Box Rapid Access System is the verified key box system used by fire departments in Pinellas County.  It provides a rapid and reliable access method to buildings to determine the cause of a fire alarm or other fire protection system activation without the expense of having to repair doors or windows damaged due to forced entry by the fire department. All necessary access keys to the building are marked and kept in the key box. The fire department's master key is kept under strict supervision and security.

Access to Structures or Areas

  • Access Boxes: The AHJ shall have the authority to require an access box(es) to be installed in an accessible location where access to or within a structure or area is difficult because of security.
  • Access to Gated Subdivisions or Developments: The AHJ shall have the authority to require fire department access be provided to gated subdivisions or developments through the use of an approved device or system.
  • Access Maintenance: The owner or occupant of a structure or area, shall notify the AHJ when the access is modified in a manner that could prevent fire departments access.

Procedures for Obtaining Key Box

  • Obtain an Authorization Form from the representative of the appropriate fire department (AHJ) and complete the necessary information.
  • Execute payment to the key box company in the correct amount for the model selected (See mounting comments below) and all associated charges.
  • The key box will arrive in about six (6) weeks after the order is placed. It will arrive in an open position and you must contact the fire department (AHJ) in order to have the key box locked.


The following guidelines are provided for locating the key box, however the specific location shall be coordinated with the authority having jurisdiction AHJ prior to installation:

  • Installation height of the key box shall be not more than six feet (6') or as specifically approved by the AHJ
  • The key box should not be hidden by shrubbery or other screening material
  • The key box should be located to the right of the door nearest to the fire alarm panel, if the building is so equipped. Again, the specific location should be coordinated with the AHJ to insure the adequacy of access to the key box after installation


  • The key box should be mounted in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions which are included with the box upon delivery. It is essential that the key box be mounted securely.
  • Any firm who deems it appropriate may also order the key box equipped with a tamper switch that can then be tied into the firm's burglar alarm for increased security.

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