School Resource Officer Unit


The philosophy of the School Resource Officer program is to have a police officer fulfill specific different roles to achieve a desired outcome; Teacher, Counselor, and Law Enforcement Officer.


The SRO is placed within the educational environment and is involved in a variety of functions mostly aimed at prevention and education. The SRO reviews all cases involving students and helps to determine the best course of action to prevent an undesirable action from reoccurring. The SRO is not the school disciplinarian. With a high profile presence in the school, the SRO is easily recognizable and is an approachable resource for students.


All officers have received special training in the area of education, crime prevention and child counseling. The current School Resource Officers are:

  • Officer H. Behar who is assigned to Pinellas Park High School
  • Officer C. Piccione who is assigned to Pinellas Park High School
  • Officer B. Dimaculangan who is assigned to Morgan Fitzgerald Middle School