Business Information Exchange


The Community Redevelopment Policing Unit is excited about our new Police and Business Information Exchange program. The concept is to bring Law Enforcement and Business owner/operators together to discuss criminal activity in the area, identify concerns and explore solutions which impact the community in a positive manner, and provide training opportunities.

Please view and join our specific "Police and Business Information Exchange" site.

Provided Services

Some of the other services offered are:

  • Bank Robbery Prevention, this program illustrates for bank employees precautions necessary to avoid injury during a robbery.
  • Business Watch, this self-help crime prevention effort centers around businesses and law enforcement personnel working together to increase community awareness and reduce crime.
  • Commercial Security Surveys, this involves business visits by a crime prevention officer who will check the interior and exterior to identify potential security problems and recommend solutions. These surveys are CONFIDENTIAL and FREE.
  • Crime prevention through environment design surveys
  • Crime prevention through environmental design (CPTED), this program explains the basics of what CPTED is and how the proper design of space can lead to a reduction in criminal activity.
  • Retail theft prevention, this presentation covers retail theft in its various forms: shoplifting, credit card fraud and check fraud.
  • Robbery prevention, this program covers robbery prevention techniques. It also outlines steps and procedures to use during and after a robbery.
  • Shopping cart retrieval
  • Work place violence, this program shows employers how to reduce the risk of workplace violence with proper planning.

Crime Reports

Many of you may be interested in knowing what type of crime along with how much crime may be occurring in your neighborhood or near your business. You can now access this information in real time. To learn more, visit Crime Reports.

You can see first and what is going on in your community in a real time basis. Our agency crime data is uploaded every three hours to provide you with up to date information on the crime occurring throughout the City of Pinellas Park. If you are interested in more information about Crime Reports, or if you are interested in any of our training classes, or attending one of our Police and Business Information Exchange meetings please contact Corporal J. Gatti at 727-369-5767

Report Criminal Activity

If you know of any criminal activity which has, or is about to occur, please report this information by email to M Griffiths. If this is an emergency please call 911 or our communication center at 727-541-0758.