Do the Right Thing

The Pinellas Park Police Department is looking to be an effective Law Enforcement Agency of the 21st century. To the reach that goal, the Police Department must adopt new programs and policies to capture the ever-expanding mission of today’s police forces. 


With that being said, the Pinellas Park Police Department looks to strengthen its ties between the community and the Agency. Community policing begins with constructing a robust relationship with our youth which focuses on identifying children who distinguish themselves through exemplary behavior.

The “Do the Right Thing” program allows the Police Department to recognize a child whose accomplishments, attitude or outstanding effort make them a positive role model for their peers and the community.

Do The Right Thing

Program Creation

“Do the Right Thing” was created by the Miami Police Department and is now being adopted by Police Agencies throughout the county. The “Do the Right Thing” program has earned recognition nationwide and has touched the lives of thousands of students. The “Do the Right Thing” program looks to reinforce the belief that children can be a positive role model in their community.


Each month a worthy child will be selected from a pool of the nominees for their outstanding behavior. The only requirement is that the child must live within the City of Pinellas Park. Each child acknowledged will received a certificate of recognition from the Chief of Police along with a “Do the Right Thing” t-shirt.


Principals, teachers, parents, business leaders and community members are encouraged to nominate children for the "Do the Right Thing" award. Together, with your support, we hope to reach the highest level of excellence for the youth within our community. Download the Form Here. For additional information Det. Jerome Tippett at with the Do the Right Thing Program.