Government Relations

Local Decision Making is our Number One Priority!

The City of Pinellas Park SUPPORTS the fundamental concept of local self-government, and asks that you would oppose any legislative efforts that attempt to impede on municipal Home Rule powers.

Legislative Priorities 2022

Legislative Priorities 2021

Legislative Priorities 2020

Local Preemption 

The City of Pinellas Park opposes bills that preempt the regulation of businesses, professions and occupations to the state and thwarts a city’s Home Rule authority. 

Relating to Community Redevelopment Areas 

The City of Pinellas Park opposes bills that seek to eliminate Community Redevelopment Area funding. Other issues of concern for the City of Pinellas Park are the restrictions on any new CRAs from being create and limiting use of TIF funds. 

Relating to Government Fiscal Responsibility 

The City of Pinellas Park opposes bills that micro-manages a city’s financial decision-making ability – forcing healthy cities to become fiscally unstable.

Local Business Tax Cut 

The City of Pinellas Park opposes bills that would prohibit/reduce or limit the city’s authority to levy the local business tax in any way and limiting the amount or rate of this tax. 

Flood Hazard Mitigation 

The City of Pinellas Park supports bills that would provide funding for local government programs/projects relating to flood mitigation and other water quality issues. 

Other legislation the City of Pinellas Park is monitoring

  • Regional Transportation legislation concerning local improvements including gateway expressway
  • Communications Tax/Communication Utility Towers
  • Defense Contractor Incentives
  • Election Dates for Municipal Office
  • Building Codes
  • Gaming/Gambling
  • Open Carry Issues
  • Homelessness Issues
  • Mental Health Services
  • Internet Sales Tax
  • Sober Homes
  • Travel Reimbursement & Financial Disclosure

Our mission: “To provide superior yet cost-effective municipal services to our community through teamwork, a ‘can do’ attitude, continual improvement and genuine respect for all people.”