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Posted on: February 1, 2021

Prime Redevelopment Opportunity

Prime Redevelopment Opportunity- CRA



Release Date: February 1, 2021  

Due Date: March 19, 2021 at 5:00 PM 

Request for Letters of Interest 

The Pinellas Park Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) is soliciting Letters of  Interest (LOI) for the redevelopment of 6200 Park Boulevard. The property was a strategic  acquisition made by the CRA for redevelopment purposes. Located in the City’s Medical  District and within close proximity to the emerging City Center, the property presents a  catalytic development opportunity. Significant public investment is being made by the City  and CRA as part of the City Center project. Planned enhancements to the area include  major infrastructure improvements and increased amenities. The future use of the  property should have features that attract the general public and demonstrate a  connection to the City Center. 

The CRA would like to gauge private sector interest in redevelopment of the property.  LOIs are being sought to help determine the type and extent of interest in the 

redevelopment of the property, provide opportunities for interested parties to identify other  entities that may be interested in participating as co-developers, and to potentially inform  the preparation and issuance of a Request for Proposal (RFP), if warranted. 

General Property Description 

Address: 6200 Park Boulevard (Parcel 28-30-16-710064-059-0030)  7300 62nd Street (Parcel 28-30-16-710064-058-0010)   

7280 62nd Street (Parcel 28-30-16-710064-058-0152) 

Location: Southwest corner of the intersection of Park Blvd. and 62nd Street Total Property Size: 1.02 acres M.O.L.  

Zoning: “B-1” General Commercial Zoning District 

Land Use: “CRD” Community Redevelopment District 

The subject property consists of one (1) commercial and two (2) residential vacant lots. Total acreage of the property is approximately 1.02 acres. Water, sewer and reclaimed  water are available to the site. 

The Future Land Use Designation of the property is “CRD” Community Redevelopment  District. The zoning designation of the property is “B-1” General Commercial. While there are an abundance of allowable uses in B-1 Zoning District, the CRA Board has opted to  restrict any type of automotive oriented use (such as auto repair or auto sales) on the  subject property. 

A complete list of the permitted and conditional uses is available here: H18LADECO_AR15.ZO_S18-1520GECODI 

Community Redevelopment Plan 

The 2020 Community Redevelopment Plan focuses on the following Strategic Goals:  Establish a Physical “Sense of Place”Grow Local and Build Connections. Strategies  include acquiring, assembling and disposing of property for desired development types  on targeted sites.  

The Plan can be viewed here: Any proposed redevelopment of the property must be consistent with the Plan. Redevelopment Grants and Incentives 

The property is located in the City’s Community Redevelopment District, which is  governed by the CRA. The CRA provides a vehicle for financing improvements within the  District, and the CRA would consider incentives for projects that provide catalytic change  and are aligned with the CRA’s vision, goals and objectives as outlined in the Plan. 

LOI Submittal  

Letters of Interest will provide the CRA with the ability to better understand the type and  level of interest in this property and will provide input to the CRA on possible  redevelopment scenarios or considerations. 

Submittal Components: 

1. Identification – Identify the responding entity. Specify the type of business submitting the  LOI (e.g. sole proprietorship, partnership, not-for-profit, corporation, etc.)  

2. Contact Information – Provide the contact name, address, telephone number, and email  address of the responding entity. 

3. Basis of Interest – A narrative description of the overall plan and future use of the property,  including community access to and use of the property.  

4. Project Description – Describe the intended use and desired changes to the site. Please  include the following information: 

∙ Conceptual or schematic designs for use of the property 

∙ Preliminary or conceptual plan showing gross square footage, building heights,  etc. 

∙ A preliminary business plan, including pro forma capital and operating budgets  indicating sources of revenues and required expenditures, over an extended  period of years from commencement 

∙ General timeframes for improvement, development and/or occupancy of the  property 

5. Financial Information – Do you anticipate requesting either a long-term lease or a sale of  the property? Describe how the proposed project will cover all associated ongoing  operating and maintenance costs. 

6. Relevant experience – Please furnish information regarding the entity’s experience with  redevelopment and/or the proposed use(s). 

Schedule and Process 

Letters of Interest are due no later than Friday, March 19, 2021 at 5:00 PM

Electronic submittals are strongly preferred. To submit Letters of Interest, please  email one (1) electronic copy in PDF format to  

If the responding entity is unable to submit electronically, please mail the Letter of Interest  to: 

Pinellas Park Community Redevelopment Agency 

Laura Canary, CRA Manager 

P.O. Box 1100 

Pinellas Park, FL 33780 

The CRA will acknowledge the receipt of all LOIs. After the review period, the CRA will  notify all interested entities if a RFP for the site will be released. 

Depending on the number of and the contents of the LOIs that are submitted to the CRA,  as well as, the comments and suggestions received by the CRA Board, the CRA Board  may establish a Review Committee to evaluate the Letters of Interest and will determine  the appropriate process for additional public comments.  

After receipt of additional public input regarding the Letters of Interest, the CRA may issue  a RFP, or other invitation for a specific use or possible group of uses, and take any other  action determined by the CRA to be in the best interest, or to take no action. Receipt and  acknowledgement of any LOI does not imply or provide the interested party with any right  or interest in the property or expectation of any on the part of the CRA.

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