I want to throw a party. Do I need a permit?

If the party or event is located on a residential property and only open to invited guests, no permit is required.

If the event is open to the public, a Temporary Use permit is required. Request a Temporary Use Permit through the Self Service portal. Click here, Civic Access (pinellas-park.com) then click “Apply”, then “Plans”, the “Apply” from the “Temporary Use” field. Log in, and if necessary, create an account first, then fill out the required fields and upload all applicable documents. If the event includes the closure of public roads or sidewalks, a Block Party permit is required.

To view more information on Temporary Use regulations click here. SECTION 18-1530. - ACCESSORY USE AND SUPPLEMENTARY DISTRICT REGULATIONS | Land Development Code | Pinellas Park, FL | Municode Library

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