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Wounded Warrior Abilities Ranch at Lurie Park

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A quick look at Dr. Edward Lurie’s curriculum vitae and you’ll know this is a man who doesn’t sit still. A glance at his wife Vivian will confirm with little doubt that this is one couple truly invested in their community. As both the past president of the Seminole Chamber of Commerce and former “Mr. Seminole” as voted by the Chamber, Dr. Edward Lurie is proud to have worked toward incorporating the City of Seminole in 1970.

The Lurie’s involvement with Seminole and their community reflects a motto dear to their hearts. “Service above self”. That core value of Rotary International is why they have been founders, trustees, or members of over 40 organizations in Pinellas County and beyond. The Lurie’s are active Rotarians, giving their time, talent, and treasure to the organization for more than 50 years. They believe Rotary is making an impact locally and globally. “Rotary is the largest philanthropic service organization in the world and it doesn’t have to deal with politics to get things done” explains Vivian. “That’s why things happen”. The Lurie’s operate two workshop warehouse centers in Pinellas Park. The ten acre city park at 5500 62nd Ave. N. was donated by them to the City of Pinellas Park in October 8, 1998.

The Lurie’s two children, Michael and Sara Beth Watson, share their parent’s philanthropic views. “Michael is also actively involved with Rotary” reports Dr. Lurie and their daughter has a passion for the Fuggees, a group of refugee from Jordon and other Middle Eastern countries who have lost at least one family member, or who have been victimized by war. Sara Beth lives in Atlanta. The Lurie’s are confident this philanthropic calling will be passed along to their two grand-daughters.